IT Advisory

IT Governance

Every business is required to periodically carry out a formal review of the adequacy and effectiveness of the organization’s technology and information function. Although the assessment of the technology function, which is a key area of focus for our Professionals at Kopax IT Advisory.

The King IV Code deals with information and technology governance (or IT Governance) in detail. The scope of the IT governance section has expanded and more emphasis has been placed on it, in line with the trend of IT becoming pervasive in all aspects of the operations of organizations.

It is critical that this process is carefully considered and that the nature of this assessment is properly planned. It is our view that the assessment should extend beyond an assessment of the control environment and include a view on the effectiveness of the information strategy of the organisation.

King III for the first time officially introduced IT Governance in South Africa and demanded a greater level of IT risk awareness at director level. It recommended that in exercising their duty of care, directors should ensure that prudent and reasonable steps have been taken with regard to IT governance. In light of the prevalence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, King IV takes this theme further and recognizes information separate from technology as a corporate asset that is part of the company’s stock of intellectual capital and confirms the need for governance structures to protect and enhance this asset.

Technology is described in the Code as a way in which to access, protect and manage information, but it is also much more than an information management system. The Code also focuses on the disruptive nature of technology on long-term business models and highlights the significant risk this poses to companies. The Code recommends that the Board governs both technology and information so that these support the company in achieving its purpose and strategic objectives.

Innovation and Technology

In today’s world, business and government leaders are heavily reliant on productive, secure and reliable ICT systems, and innovation and technology are intricately related, and this can pose critical challenges as the demand for technology enabled business transformation services increases. Kopax IT Advisory professionals therefore serve as trusted advisors to many business and public sector leaders; while helping them develop strategies to protect the infrastructure that serves their constituents as well as resolve their most critical information and technology challenges.

We also endeavor to help customers create a deployment, upgrade, or migration plan for a given product, service, or technology and our deliverable reflects a degree of consultative interaction and documentation outlining each individual customer’s unique business goals, requirements, our findings, and recommendations; not a one-size-fits-all approach.

In today’s world, it’s clear that increasing trust and managing security is a struggle for many organizations. Hence the importance of improving security comprehensively has become even more evident, which is a strategic and key area of focus as a business.

Our Service Offering

IT Strategy and Governance
  • We advise regarding compliance with relevant laws
  • Assessment of IT environment as well as the return on investment in technology
  • IT Risk assessment and management of outsourced technology services
  • Information security and protection against cyber crime
  • IT Policy guidance
  • Business process automation
  • Document and records management
  • IT Governance Framework

We also assist clients with business resilience, continuity and disaster recovery advice

Enterprise Solution Architecture
  • We apply architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to support the new business direction, and leverage advances in technology areas such as cloud, mobile, digital, and analytics.
  • We do this by conducting an enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using a comprehensive approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of your business strategy.
Identity and Access Management
  • We equip customers to better manage their identity and access controls, and stop breaches before they escalate in severity
Information Protection
  • We ensure customers’ records and other sensitive data are safe from misuse or theft; including security incidents involving employees.
Threat Protection
  • We keep customers aware of the current threat landscape and how to identify attackers and their tactics; before they cause damage.
Security Management
  • We help customers implement a centralized security operations center (SOC) on-site with advanced data-processing and monitoring tools.
IT Procurement
  • We help our clients to derive greater value from their IT investments by  identifying services and approaches through the use of third party procurement and configuration of these services and setting up the governance required to run effective operations.
Cloud and Infrastructure
  • We help our clients in designing a cloud operating model, rationalizing applications and data to be transitioned to the cloud, and program management of the actual transition.